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Some short and sweet frequently asked questions on battery storage. Already a customer? Find out system specific information on our Customer Portal.

A battery storage system can be installed in your home and store excess/surplus energy generated by a Solar PV system or purchased from the grid. A battery solution allows you to rely less on the grid during high rate electric periods, use stored energy to power appliances in your home and even charge an electrical vehicle or vehicles that you may own. By using stored energy, you can make savings on electrical bills and depend on renewable energy more often. 

Battery Storage systems offer endless benefits. Some of the key reasons as to why you should consider a battery system at your home include: 

  • Reap the rewards of cheaper electricity rates with a battery installation. Power your home directly from stored energy during expensive periods, such as between 16:30 to 19:30. 
  • Charge your EV with your PV! Recharge your electrical vehicle(s) from the battery or batteries at your home. 
  • Remain plugged-in during a power outage with an emergency power supply fitted with a battery. Choose a circuit at your home to remain live during an outage and run specific appliances such as fridge freezers from a dedicated socket. 
  • Become more self-sufficient by using Solar PV generated during the day and rely less on the grid. This also benefits the grid by reducing the demand during weekday peak-times.

A home battery works by storing solar energy produced by photovoltaic panels or by storing energy imported from the grid. The battery can store energy in kWh up to its designed capacity. We currently offer batteries from a capacity of 2.4kWh up to 30kWh. Stored energy can be used at any time. 

No, you do not need Solar Panels to benefit from a battery. You can have a battery installed without panels and take advantage of cheaper charging times. For most energy providers, this is during the night between 01:00 and 06:00. 

You do not lose your feed-in-tariff payments by having a battery system installed at your property. Unfortunately, the FiT scheme was discontinued in April of 2019 and so anyone with a PV system installed thereon after is unable to qualify for the feed-in-tariff. 

A typical family home in the UK uses an average of 9-11kWh a day. Of course, different properties have different requirements and average daily consumption varies. The size of battery your home needs is fully dependant on your consumption. 

We recommend a battery system that would power your home and cover your usage during the evening and nighttime, with then a small amount on-top to cover for higher usage days. By sizing a battery to cover your evening and nighttime usage, it will deplete by the morning allowing recharge via Solar PV during the day. 

A battery system that matches a PV system size is always sensible, as a battery much greater in capacity with a smaller producing PV system is insufficient and would never reach 100% charge during the day. 

We size battery storage solutions to meet your demands.

We’re fortunate to be living in a time of ever-improving technology. All battery systems we install offer the capability of online monitoring. Using the online monitoring system, you can see in real-time how your battery is performing, analyse previous performance by date and time and edit settings relating to your system, such as charging times.*

*Please note that monitoring of your system requires an Internet connection, either wired or wireless.

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