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Solar PV on a flat roof

Not all pitched roofs can accommodate a Solar PV system. This could be because of a very steep pitch, obstructions such as dormer windows or

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Import/Export Energy

You may notice your system importing or exporting energy to the grid. This is completely normal. If your Solar is not producing enough energy to

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SolarEdge Energy Bank

The SolarEdge Energy Bank, one of the best home battery storage systems on the market. Offering a 9.7kWh effective capacity, 100% DoD (depth of discharge)

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Alpha Battery Install

Alpha ESS 5.8kWh battery installs are one of our favourites. A slick, aesthetically pleasing system that looks good inside or outside a property. We recently

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Christmas Jumper Day 2021

For Christmas Jumper Day 2021, Pure Energy supported Save the Children UK and raised money in aid of children in Asia, in need of educational

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Solar & Storage 2021

November 25th saw the Pure Energy team attend the 2021 Solar & Storage show at the NEC in Birmingham. Managing Director Conor, Area Sales Manager

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Maximise your Solar System

Enjoy more energy, improved safety and FREE panel-level monitoring by optimising your Solar PV system with SolarEdge. Historically, solar PV systems were installed with traditional

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Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries are units that silently charge up during sunny spells when your system is producing more energy than what your home needs. Then when

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