Charge your EV with your PV

As of February 2023, there were more than 630,000 electric vehicles on the UK roads with a further 450,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles. You can charge your electric vehicle directly from Solar Power and Battery Storage systems. 

Electric vehicles have large batteries, with the average EV battery coming in at 40kWh. The standard 3-pin plug will only charge your EV at a maximum rate of 2.7kWh. With a dedicated electric vehicle charger, you can charge the cars battery at 7kWh, (22kWh for 3-phase properties). 

With a higher charge rate, your EV’s battery will not only charge quicker, but the potential cost of doing so could be considerably lower. Charging the vehicle directly from Solar energy or stored energy in a battery would result in buying no energy from the grid. 

Charge your vehicle directly from energy generated by Solar PV.

Send energy from your battery storage system to charge your EV.

Manage your EV charger anytime, anywhere via a dedicated app.

The EV Chargers we install offer two options. Tethered or untethered. Tethered EV chargers come with a standard vehicle charging cable attached. Untethered chargers do not come with this.

All systems offer the ability to monitor charge status, control dedicated charge times and analyse historical data via a dedicated application or online portal.

Power your EV at an affordable price

Pure Energy are big advocates of the variable rate tariffs that energy providers offer. Variable rate tariffs enable customers to purchase energy from the grid at reduced costs. An example of a variable tariff; electricity purchased from the grid during the hours of 23:00 to 06:00 is 11 pence per kilowatt hour. Energy purchased from the grid between 06:01 and 22:59 is 45 pence per kilowatt. 

Using the cheaper rate during the specified hours would allow you to charge your EV from the grid at 11 pence per kilowatt, compared to the higher rates during the daytime/peak times.

Toggle Grid Charge

Grid charge times can be toggled on and off. Don't need to charge your EV? Simply turn charging off on your dedicated application.

If you have an electric vehicle, it’s recommended to have an EV charger installed at your property. Otherwise, you would have to rely on public charging stations to charge your vehicle.

EV’s are charged from dedicated chargers. The chargers we install provide 7kWh of power, or for 3-phase properties up to 22kWh. This provides more power and quicker charging times for your vehicles battery opposed to charging via a 3-pin connector.

Depending on the rate of the charger, the time it takes for the electric vehicle to charge will vary. Based on a residential charger rated at 7kWh and an electric vehicle with a battery size of 40kWh, it would take 5.7 hours. 


One of the leading brands with their 7kWh EV charger that links with other SolarEdge products for seamless monitoring and control.


Key-card identifiable, the AlphaESS EV charger integrates effortlessly with the SMILE battery storage solution, charging from green energy. 

MyEnergi Zappi

UK made, the MyEnergi Zappi comes in either a tethered or untethered model. 7kWh charge rate with unmatched monitoring capability.

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