GivEnergy All in One

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All in One – Battery + Inverter

The solution that is set to change the battery storage industry. GivEnergy All in One provides power to your home even when the supply from the grid is lost. Whole-home backup with the GivEnergy Gateway and a strong, reliable feed of energy from the battery with All in One, with a discharge rate of up to 7.2kWh of electricity. A sleek, minimalistic battery module with built-in inverter.

This new offering from GivEnergy can be installed inside or out, with a fully weatherproof shell. Not only can the unit be installed outside, but it has an operating temperature range of -10 to 55°C.

After the release of the All in One, GivEnergy announced that there product range is now covered by a 12 year warranty.

Colder, darker days are approaching with the Autumn and Winter and All in One is prepared for this. With less daylight hours and therefore lower solar production levels, AIO is designed for grid-charging. Setting the battery system to charge overnight during a variable rate tariff period allows consumers to awake to a full battery every morning. By purchasing energy from the grid at off-peak times, money is saved and reliance on the grid during peak periods is reduced.

GivEnergy Gateway

When installed with the AIO, the GivEnergy Gateway will provide power to your home in the event of a power-cut. The gateway provides power with just a 20ms switchover. That’s 20ms to switch from the grid to the Giv Gateway. Gateway has a pre-installed energy meter for all important system monitoring. This solution allows for a maximum 18.4kWh of nominal AC power. GivEnergy enable end-users to parallel up to 6 AIO systems (coming soon). This means that in the event of a power-cut, up to 18.4kWh of energy can be released from the battery/batteries at one time.

Small, compact design (410mm H x 370mm W x 190mm D).

18400W nominal AC power.

20ms switchover time.

Industry leading 12 year warranty.

Online monitoring for analyse and control.

PV production capabilities without the grid.

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