How does Solar PV work?

The Solar inverter is essentially the brains of the PV system. The inverter does what it says on the tin, inverts electricity. The current that is produced by the photovoltaic panels on a roof or ground-system is in DC, direct current. DC current cannot be used within a home to supply energy to appliances or equipment.

Hence the need for the inverter. A solar inverter will change the DC current into AC current, which can be fed into a property and used to power appliances, equipment and so on. 

DC power is generated from the Solar on the roof or ground system.

DC current is sent from the solar panels to the inverter by DC cable.

The systems inverter changes DC current into AC current, ready to use.

Solar power can now be used in the home, excess stored in a battery or sent to the grid.

What can I use Solar power for?

Everything. There are no limitations on what clean, green energy can be used for. Once converted into alternating current (AC) your system can power any appliance, gadget and even charge your electric vehicle.

What if my system doesn't produce enough?

You have a couple of options. Stored energy in a battery system can compliment the power you generate from the solar and cover the consumption in the property.

Alternatively, if you do not have a battery system or your battery/batteries are below 10% charge, energy will be drawn from the grid. This would be charged at your normal unit rate for electricity.

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