Maximise your Solar System

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Enjoy more energy, improved safety and FREE panel-level monitoring by optimising your Solar PV system with SolarEdge.

Historically, solar PV systems were installed with traditional inverters that centrally managed panel power production. By adding power optimisers to the back of each panel and choosing the SolarEdge inverter, you will improve the performance, monitoring and safety of your PV system. The system is also battery-ready, giving you the option to monitor your self-consumption now and then upgrade to StorEdge at a later date.

Upgrade to StorEdge
By choosing SolarEdge, it will be StorEdge-ready. When you want to add a battery to your system, you can do it quickly, easily and with minimal cost.

– The SolarEdge StorEdge solution enables you to reduce your electricity bills and maximise self-consumption by storing unused PV power in a battery for later consumption.
– Use a single SolarEdge inverter to manage and monitor PV generation, consumption and energy storage.
– Compatible high power batteries from LG Chem can be added to the existing SolarEdge system.

SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that revolutionalised the way power is managed in Solar PV systems. As a global PV inverter and power optimisation leader, SolarEdge offers a solution that enables panel-level optimisation of your PV system for better system performance and for your peace of mind.

Make more money
In a Solar PV system, panel performance is individual to each panel. Installing the SolarEdge optimised solution allows each panel to produce its maximum energy, eliminating power losses from a selection of factors, for example…

Furthermore, as solar panels age, the differences between panel production grows and even more energy is lost.

With traditional inverters, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all panels.

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