NEW Home Hub Backup Range

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The SolarEdge Home Hub Backup range is now available in the EU. This leading technology offers the ability to provide power to your home in the event of a grid interruption. By pairing the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter with up to 3 Home Batteries and the backup interface, your system can provide partial or full backup power in the event of a power cut. This new inverter range offers a staggering 200% DC oversizing with SolarEdge power optimisers. 

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Uninterrupted Living

Choosing Home Hub from SolarEdge enables complete uninterrupted living. Never miss a thing by supplying power to all appliances, lighting and other electrical circuits during a grid interruption. Monitor your systems performance at any time on any device with the SolarEdge application or web based portal. 

One ecosystem resulting in one monitoring platform. Avoid multiple applications on your smart devices and control, monitor and programme your entire renewable energy system from one monitoring application.

Going Home Hub reduces your reliance on the grid. By providing power in the event of a grid interruption, your reliance on the grid has reduced significantly and avoids periods of time in blackouts.

Available to order now…

The SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter and Backup interface are now available. Get the full SolarEdge eco-system installed at your property by one of the UKs leading Solar PV and Battery storage experts. Contact us for a quote.

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