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60 panel ground-mount system.

We recently completed a 60 panel ground-mount system in Kent, which required some extra planning pre-installation. Due to the size and location of the install, we opted for a modular, steel-frame mounting solution from Solar Port Systems. Their modular solution entails securing the upright beams 1.5 metres into the ground.

The metal uprights which the steel frame attaches to, were driven into the ground using a hydraulic fence post digger attachment. The two metre beams were marked 1.5 metres from the bottom, which was used as a guide by the digger operator when knocking the steels into the ground.

But how did we know where to install the uprights?

Prior to driving the beams into the ground, an area was mapped out using measurement string lines. The lines were used to form square/rectangle areas on the ground. The first structure (pictured) was to house an array of 10 panels.

The width between each section matched the diagonal measurement from post to post, ensuring equal and accurate spacing.

Array one covered an area 5 metres in width, with uprights in each of the 4 corners and 2 in the middle.

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