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Our newest Battery Storage offering.

At Pure Energy, we’re always looking for new products to offer to our customers. When it comes to battery storage solutions, we take pride in installing the best of the best. Giving our customers choice is key, with different systems boasting different and in some cases, unique features. 

HanchuESS are a well-established battery system manufacturer, originally founded in 2011. Hanchu recently delved into the UK market with a trading name of Greenlinx. Infinity Innovations, a long-standing partner of ours, are the exclusive distributor in the UK and Europe for HanchuESS. Although Hanchu are relatively new to the UK market, their presence in the global renewables industry is colossal. Pure Energy offer both the 3.2kWh and 9.4kWh modules, which partnered with the LUXPower AC or Hybrid Inverter offer a 100% and 95% depth of discharge respectively. 

Unique Features

One of HanchuESS batteries most unique features is the module-level online connectivity. Each battery unit is paired with its own WiFi dongle, enabling remote online software updates, straightforward troubleshooting and in-depth monitoring via the HanchuESS app and web platform. 

The 3.2kWh modules offer a very impressive 100% depth of discharge, meaning the entire battery capacity is usable for the homeowner. Up to 8 battery modules can be installed on one inverter, offering an impressive total storage capacity of 25.6kWh. The smaller 3.2kWh modules are 34.9kg in weight and 484mm x 165mm x 302mm (W x D x H). 

The 9.4kWh modules offer a 95% depth of discharge, which is still very efficient. Similar to the smaller 3.2kWh modules, the 9.4kWh units can have up to 8 installed on one inverter, totalling 75.2kWh of storage capacity. The larger 9.4kWh modules are 72kg in weight and 430mm x 150mm x 800mm (W x D x H). 

Both battery systems have a warranty period of 10 years and are wall-mounted. 

3.2kWh :

  • IP54 rated
  • LFP (LiFePO4) Cell Type

9.4kWh : 

  • IP65 rated 
  • Blade LFP Cell Type

Meeting your electricity demands

With Infinity Innovations being the exclusive distributor for HanchuESS products in the UK, there are limitations on the inverter pairings. However, Infinity’s inverter, the LUX AC or LUX Hybrid is perfect for controlling either the Hanchu 3.2kWh or 9.4kWh modules. 

In most cases, if your electricity demands are high enough to warrant a battery storage system over 15kWh, the amount of electricity you require at any given time should also be considered. Using a single inverter limits the rate of charge into the battery and discharge out into the home at 3.5kWh. In more simple terms, if you have an appliance with an electricity draw of over 3.5kWh, the remaining energy required will either come from solar power (if you have panels installed), or directly from the grid. 

So, what can you do?

Infinity Innovations offer a solution with the LUX AC inverters called the Squirrel Pod. A squirrel pod is a fancy name for paralleling two or more inverters together. By doing so, this doubles or triples the rate of charge and discharge from the batteries. With two inverters paralleled together, the rate of energy that can go into the battery or come out to power appliances, at any given time, is 7kWh. (3.5kWh x2).

Interested in battery storage? Click the link below to view the data sheets for the HanchuESS 3.2kWh module and 9.4kWh module. 

Give us a call on 08000 501412 and have a chat with one of our team about adding battery storage to your property.

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