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Solar Battery Storage


Solar batteries are units that silently charge up during sunny spells when your system is producing more energy than what your home needs. Then when the solar stops producing energy during bad spells of weather or throughout the night, this energy can be used in a number of ways throughout the home, giving you more control over your energy usage.

Take control of your usage.
Having a Battery Storage System allows the homeowner to harness the excess energy that their system generates, instead of sending it straight back to the grid. This means you’re able to use it when the sun is less prominent, when the home is using more power than usual, or at night, which allows you to avoid peak energy rates.

Save the environment
Using solar power reduces the reliance on fossil fuels which are having a drastic impact on the environment and harnessing energy from the sun will also reduce your carbon footprint. The Solar Battery Storage System can also be used to power an EV Charging Station, to charge up your Electric Vehicle.

Reduce your bills
Traditional energy suppliers are becoming increasingly expensive and will continue to rise. By increasing your systems efficiency and storing any excess power, this will limit the amount of electric you will be buying in from the grid. Depending on your circumstances, this investment could save you upwards of 70% on your electric bills.

How can I use the stored power?
You can use the stored energy during the night time when the solar isn’t producing, or during bad spells of weather, or even wen the home is consuming more than what the solar power is generating.

Trade to the grid
You may not always be at home to reap the benefits of the sunshine, but since the 1st of January 2020, homeowners have been able to lower their bills by selling excess energy back to their supplier, based on their tariff.

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