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Solar Upgrades

Historically, solar PV systems were installed with traditional inverters that centrally managed panel power production. By adding power optimisers to the back of each panel and choosing the SolarEdge inverter, you will improve the performance, monitoring and safety of your PV system.

Maximise your Solar System

Enjoy more energy, improved safety and FREE panel-level monitoring
by optimising your Solar PV system with SolarEdge.

Battery storage ready.

The system is battery-ready, giving you the option to monitor your self-consumption now and then upgrade to StorEdge at a later date.

Take control of your usage

Having a Battery Storage System allows the homeowner to harness the excess energy that their system generates, instead of sending it straight back to the grid.

Save the environment

Using solar power reduces the reliance on fossil fuels which are having a drastic impact on the environment and harnessing energy from the sun will also reduce your carbon footprint. 

Reduce your bills

Traditional energy suppliers are becoming increasingly expensive and will continue to rise. By increasing your systems efficiency and storing any excess power, you're less reliant on the grid.

Cutting edge technology.

Get access to the SolarEdge app on your mobile or tablet and monitor solar generation and get further statistics on your system.

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