SolarEdge Energy Bank

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The SolarEdge Energy Bank, one of the best home battery storage systems on the market. Offering a 9.7kWh effective capacity, 100% DoD (depth of discharge) and IP55 rating for indoor or outdoor installation. The unit is one of the larger home storage modules available weighing around 120kg, however its performance is almost unmatched. The closest competitor to the SE system being the Tesla Powerwall.

Choosing the SolarEdge Energy Bank allows you to take advantage of their complete eco-system with consequent SE inverter and other add-ons such as an EV charger and Hot Water controller. One monitoring platform will control your entire renewable energy setup and allow for in-depth analysis, on the go control and a live view of the systems performance.

As mentioned, the Energy Bank comes equipped with its very own fire extinguisher. The extinguisher is a mandatory requirement when installing the Home Energy Bank and is inserted directly after hanging and securing the battery to its mounting bracket.

In the event of a malfunction, leading to a fire within the battery unit, the built-in device will extinguish the flame before it has chance to leave the battery casing.

Interested in how it’s installed? Check the install guide here.

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