Denton, Swindon
9.2kWp Solar PV System with 20kWh of Battery Storage. Fully optimised with SolarEdge Technology and monitored using one application.

A full SolarEdge system installed for a residential customer in Swindon, England. This 9.24kWp PV system is split across 2 roof orientations, optimised with SolarEdge panel level optimisers, for peak performance all year round. Paired with 2x10kWh SolarEdge Energy Bank batteries, our customer can harness excess Solar generation for use later on in the home. The Energy Bank solution offers a staggering 9.7kWh useable capacity and is controlled by the SolarEdge SE8000H inverter. The installed solution boasts an impressive charge and discharge rate of 5kWh, allowing our customer to provide all important power to high-demanding appliances.

Using SolarEdge’s panel optimisation is crucial for projects like this. As the array is split across two roof orientations, using a standard string inverter, wired in series, would result in significant production losses.

Panel optimisation allows for individual wiring, meaning that production hinderances such as shade and soiling only effect the specific panels that are impacted. A traditional string systems performance would be clipped in situations like this.

Allowing each panel to perform at its maximum efficiency means greater overall production. Lower power and efficiency not only dampens a systems daily production, but overtime, payback periods for systems are drastically increased.

Greater production results in greater surplus to send to the battery system. Because of the level of energy this system produced, our customer opted for a second SolarEdge Energy Bank, two months post-install. SolarEdge single-phase inverters allow up to three battery modules per unit.

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