Fully optimised system.
One monitoring platform.


Your PV systems brain, turning DC power into AC power, ready for use in the home.

Energy Bank

10kWh Battery Modules providing a charge/discharge of 5kWh.

EV Charger

Charge with PV or lower-rate grid electricity from the comfort of your own home.

Heat your Hot Water with Surpus PV.

Use surplus Solar Energy to heat your hot water. Prioritise heating your water over other smart devices.

Charge your EV with your PV.

Use surplus Solar Energy to charge your electric vehicle or send power from a battery/batteries straight to your vehicle.

Fully optimised Solar PV system for optimum production.

By adding optimisers to each panel, your system will produce the maximum amount of energy possible. Shading, debris and other factors that effect standard string systems are avoided by wiring the panels individually.

Full control of your system 24/7.

View the charge status of your battery system, analyse each pv panels performance for a specific timeframe and review the systems data overall to make changes/decisions such as setting your battery to charge from cheaper rate electric in the autumn/winter months.  

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