Guest Rooms Coventry
27.11kW of Solar installed across 5 different properties in Coventry, England. Our customer reduces electricity bills and powers change by lowering their carbon footprint.

Guest Rooms Coventry offer rented accommodation across Coventry and embarked in their Solar journey in May 2022. We have installed 27.11kW of Solar to date across 5 properties, helping owner Claire reduce her electricity bills across her portfolio. All 5 projects have been installed with SolarEdge technology for unmatched monitoring capabilities and enhanced performance. Since May 2022, 21.49MWh of energy has been produced by the five systems combined, with an average of 3.28MWh being produced per system, so far this year (01/01/2023 – 22/09/2023).

The majority of the sites contain panels split across multiple arrays. Using SolarEdge’s panel optimisation is crucial for projects like this. As the array is split across two roof orientations, using a standard string inverter, wired in series, would result in significant production losses.

All of Guest Room Coventry’s projects include bird protection to ensure unwanted pests are deterred from nesting underneath the panels. Black, galvanised mesh is used on our installations for a sleek finish.

The black bird protection aligns with the all-black PV modules from JinkoSolar and mounting kit from Van der Valk. End caps are placed on the tips of the rail to enclose and maintain the black aesthetic.

As the five properties contain part-rented accommodation, each site uses at least 80% of the energy the panels produce. Due to the current consumption of energy across the portfolio, our customer opted not to install battery storage at point of installation. Not only is the majority of the energy produced, consumed, but space is vital for Claire. Four of the five properties that currently have Solar have converted loft-spaces for additional accommodation to rent out.

The portfolio of properties contains roofs with both concrete and slate tiles. At Pure, we use the same brand of mounting for all of our on-roof, domestic installations. Van der Valk offer solutions for the different types of roof tiles. Concrete tiles are one of the easier projects to install mounting solutions onto. With slate roof projects, genius flashing is used to ensure water-tightness. The hood slots over the top of the roof hook, sliding underneath the surrounding tiles. This is due to the slate tiles being cut to accommodate for the roof hooks. Click here to see how we install concrete roof mounting kits.

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