0% VAT on Battery Storage Installations

Generate, store and save.

Why wait? Start saving £100’s on your electricity bills now. The perfect way to start 2024, with the 5% rise in Energy Prices since January 2024. Produce your own, clean, green energy and reduce your reliance on the grid. But how does it work?

DC power is generated from the Solar on the roof or ground system.

DC current is sent from the solar panels to the inverter by DC cable.

The systems inverter changes DC current into AC current, ready to use.

Solar power can now be used in the home, excess stored in a battery or sent to the grid.

Energy Price Cap Increase 2024

We’ve compiled all the information you could possibly need, on the Energy Price Cap increase, which came into effect on the 1st of January 2024.

Start saving & get 20% off.

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Mr MacInally, Swansea
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We had been thinking for quite a while about getting solar panels with batteries. From the moment we phoned Pure Energy until Mike Sheppard helped us to change energy suppliers to Octopus everyone at PE has been very helpful and friendly. The whole process has been a joy. Mike Sheppard guided us through what we would need, Louise was always helpful. The installation of panels, inverter etc. was done cleanly and efficiently. Thanks everyone at PE for a great job.
Mr Stannard, Lincolnshire
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I'd like to say thanks to Louise Peters and her team for the smooth Installation of a 18 solar panel system with 13Kw of Growatt battery storage over 1 and 1/2 days. Just waiting for paperwork to be processed. Now deciding whether to add another 6.5Kw's of battery or not? I'm pleased with the first days power generation of 7.1Kw already today and the time is only 13:00.
Mrs Silvester, Coventry
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Pure Energy have fitted each of our solar installations with highly skilled techs on site and a great support team in the office for problem solving! We look forward to our next solar project. GuestRoomsCoventry

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