Mounting Kit – Concrete Tile Roof

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The style of roof varies from property to property. Most residential property roofs were built using concrete roof tiles, up until the recent introduction of slate tiles, which are widely used across new-build projects and properties that have new roofs fitted. The type of mounting hooks used differ from tile to tile. Concrete roof tiles can be easily moved up, allowing access to the roof joists. Hooks are fixed directly into the joists and then protrude out, allowing for the rail to attach.

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No risk of leaks…

Once the roof hooks have been fixed into place, the existing roof tile or tiles can be placed back or slid down, sitting on top of the hook. The tile ensures water-tightness, with any water running off of the tile and down into the gutter. See below a timelapse video of a concrete roof mounting kit installation. Watch as the tiles are placed over the top of the roof hooks.

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