Solar in the Winter

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Solar in the Winter. Is it worth it?

The simple answer is yes. But we’re bound to say that, right? 

Solar production is lower in the Winter, due to reduced daylight hours. But your system will still produce energy, even on the typical, wet winter days.

The best way to reduce your grid dependence is to take advantage of both Solar and Battery Storage. By pairing your PV system with a Battery, you not only store surplus energy that your panels produce during the day, but you can also charge the batteries directly from the grid of a night. 

So how exactly is that reducing your grid dependence? 

By pulling energy in from the electrical grid at off-peak times, you’re lowering the demand on the local substation.  Most utility providers are catching up with the times and now offer variable rate tariffs. These tariffs are similar to the old-style, economy 7 offerings. The difference is that instead of powering up a storage heater, you’re sending energy directly into a battery system. That stored energy can be used throughout your home, whenever your property demands it. 

And of course, seeing as though the tariff includes a variable rate, importing energy from the grid during specific timeframes costs a fraction of what it would during the day. 

So, morale of the post; installing a Solar system during the Winter does have its benefits. If it’s viable for you to add a battery to that installation, even better. 

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